Each of my pieces comes from repurposing precious metal, whether household, heirloom, discarded or abandoned into precious works that belie the beginnings.  I find unwanted pieces of sterling, brass and other found objects to create emotional works. The process of gathering materials, metaling the metal and transformation is a physical manifestation of my personal journey of healing and overcoming obstacles and challenges in my life and the world around me. The act of creating from unwanted and discarded items is intensely personal and therapeutic as well as creative. Each piece I make contains a piece of who and where I am at that moment of my life.  I utilize destruction methods of creation to form these new works, burning away temporary materials like cardboard and cutting up and melting silverware into new ingots. In both these processes, fire takes old materials and creates new art from it. My forms retain some of the raw and rough edges that speak to their creative process. Cracks, scaling, scratches and holes are left with edges to highlight the upfront and earnest process that creates the work.

Born in Hartford Connecticut

Lives in Baltimore Maryland.

John Parkins

Baltimore, MD


Education and Professional Development

B.A. Visual Fine Arts, Painting Major        2008

Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)

Studied under Sean Gallagher and Mike Alewitz

A.S. Visual Fine Arts                2003

Manchester Community College (MCC)

Manchester Connecticut

Studied under Richard Harden (Painting) and Susan Classen-Sullivan (Ceramics)


Baltimore Jewelry Center            2015-present


Castleton State College             1999-2000



Select Juried and Invitational Exhibitions

Vitrine showcase artist (ongoing exhibition)        2018

Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore MD


Vitrine showcase artist (ongoing exhibition)        2017

Baltimore Jewelry Center, Baltimore MD


New Britain Arts Alliance Mini-Market        2012

Downtown Gallery, New Britain CT


Group Show New Britain Arts Alliance        2011

Downtown Gallery, New Britain CT


Sin-Park Studios & Friends Studio Group Show    2009

SinPark Studios, New Britain CT


Capstone Exhibition 2008 CCSU            2008

Chen Gallery, New Britain CT


18th annual Fall Carriage House Exhibition         2008

New Britain Art League, New Britain CT



“Bringing art to Bristol”

Bristol Press Newspaper: Bristol CT



Gallery Dobrinka Salzman    2018-Present

New York City, NY



Collection Of Shane Prada

Collection of Betty Cooke

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.