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I had a wonderfully long career in book publishing before I became a professional jeweler. Working with books fueled my love of story—nonfiction gave me new perspectives through which to view the world while novels transported me to beautifully imagined places. That love of creating narratives deeply influences my own approach to making jewelry. Each of my pieces has its own discreet tale about something special, whether an experience, a place, a person, or a time.

My two greatest sources of inspiration are nature and art and you’ll find their influence throughout my collection. Plants, animals, insects, and pebbles inform the shape and texture of my work while elements of Flemish Renaissance art, contemporary sculpture, and Buddhist architecture inspire specific pieces or structures.

I attended a Rudolph Steiner high school and part of our daily education centered on caring for the planet, our local environment, and our neighbors. That early education left an indelible mark on me and it informs my personal and business decisions about the materials and suppliers I use.

The metals in my collection are recycled or fairmined and I work with gemstones that have been recycled or ethically sourced. My goal is to make exquisite jewelry that doesn’t damage the environment or those individuals from whom I source: it’s important for me to know that my customers will look beautiful and feel good about their purchase every time they wear my jewelry.

In 2002 Judi Powers began making jewelry at 92Y, later studying at School of Visual Arts and Jewelry Arts Institute. In the years that followed, she and other jewelry-designer friends hosted trunk shows and after each one, Judi knew she'd one day become a professional jeweler. That day came in 2012, when she quit her years-long publishing career and enrolled as a full-time student at Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2013 she earned an AAS degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Jewelry Design and established her own company. In September that year, Judi’s A Tree Grows necklace won UncommonGoods’ Jewelry Design Challenge.

Judi was selected as one of ten jewelers featured in the New Designer Gallery at JA New York Summer 2014. Of her collection there, writer Tanya Dukes said: "Her line is heavy on personal pieces you never want to take off."

Judi’s jewelry has been featured in,, National Jeweler,,, Luxury Jewels 24 Magazine, and Cool Hunting among others. She has also been the subject of profiles on UncommonGoods' blog, “The Goods”, and on the Hatch Jewelry website. Hatch Jewelry carries an exclusive collection of Judi’s recycled sterling silver jewelry and pieces from that collection have been featured on Refinery29, the largest independent fashion and style website in the United States.

The inspiration for her jewelry comes from nature, the arts, and her travels through Europe and Asia. Her collection is designed to be effortlessly wearable and classically enduring. Judi also works with private clients to create unique custom pieces, always made using ethically sourced metals and gemstones.

Judi is a member of WJA (where she serves on the board of the New York Metro Chapter), SNAG and Ethical Metalsmiths.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.