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Artist Statement

I often find myself thinking about the different things in life that have subconscious impact. I have always been intrigued by structure, whether it is built from within relationships or in the skeleton of a building. These two items have a direct effect on one another, through emotions or under the façade of a building. Humans function and focus differently depending on their surrounding environments; the shape, color or openness of a room can affect the mood or productiveness of an individual. I find the relationship between humans and architecture to be similar to that of how natural spaces and industrial spaces meet.

In the series, Condensed Biographies, each of the five rings represent a strong characteristic of an individual that has had a positive impact on my life. These rings are meant to be worn in order to reflect on the importance of these personal relationships. Throughout the construction of these pieces I felt like a builder. During each step in the process I am able to revisit the compartments of these relationships and why they have benefitted my life.

Currently my work has been demonstrating the abruptness between natural and industrial spaces though the used of mokume gane and etched silver. I have spent many years traveling alone, and have ever been inspired during the accent or descent of a flight. It is here where I notice the various compositions of the earth’s surface. At this distance, everything simplifies into a line drawing; some changes are abrupt while others are well integrated. Landmarks are fading, or they become recognizable again. Movement goes unnoticed or slowly returns back to life. Everything on the surface is small, quiet, and calm. On an intimate scale, these objects are able to be held and looked down on to provoke the sense of reflection and perspective

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.