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Each of my pieces is one of a kind, created from a flat sheet of metal and hand sculpted, freehand, with small, blunt tools and thousands of hammer blows. These techniques are called Chasing and Repousse, and they date back thousands of years. There are no molds, stamps or machines used in this process. The pieces are first worked from the back, pushing out the metal to create depth (repousse) and then the piece is worked from the front (chasing) to add detail and texture. These techniques have nearly become a lost art, as there are faster ways to accomplish something similar today, but the end result of machine made does not compare to the look and the feel of these handmade, one of a kind pieces.

Carol Korte received her B.S. in 1990 and her M.S. in Biology in 1991, both from Northern Illinois University, and moved to State College, Pennsylvania in 1992, where she currently resides. Carol was always involved in arts and crafts of all kinds, and in 2004, as a stay-at-home mom with four young children, she began learning jewelry-making techniques. She soon found the art of chainmaille, creating chains by weaving individual rings together, and was hooked. She opened Korte Jewelry Designs in 2014.
In 2017, Carol discovered the art of chasing and repousse, an ancient forming and sculpting process using small tools and a hammer, and she never looked back. She was lucky to study with two of the top chasing experts in the world, Liza Nechamkin and Davide Bigazzi, and is constantly looking for opportunities to learn more. She says, “I love the process of bringing an image within the metal to the surface. This is a laborious technique, with thousands upon thousands of hammer strikes for each image, but each piece is truly a labor of love.”
Always striving to learn and better herself, Carol completed a jewelry apprentice program through Jewellery Training Solutions in 2020 - 2021. This program focuses on traditional jewelry-making and stone setting skills, and prepares one for a job in the commercial jewelry industry. She also started studying engraving, taking a class in early 2020, from J.J. Roberts at J.J. Roberts School of Artistic Engraving, and has taken a number of online engraving classes with Wes Griffin at Texas Engraving School.
Carol is very inspired by the work of ancient jewelry artists, where some of the fine detail achieved nearly 5000 years ago is very difficult to duplicate, even today. She is also inspired by the beauty of nature, from which many of the motifs you see in her work are derived. The goal of Carol’s work is to help share the knowledge of these incredible techniques and to do a small part to keep these traditional arts alive.

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