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Beautiful jewelry, finely made, connects you to history, the maker, the giver, to ideas and beliefs that you want to have grow in your life. I believe that we are here on this planet, in this reality, to come to certain realizations, and to live in harmony with our environment and each other.
I intend for the pieces that I make, my “works”, to express the awareness that has come to me through study and practice. I hope that my works will be of use to others in their life journeys.
Some of my works are representational, some are referential, and some express my attitude toward materials and function simply in the way they are made. Some pieces I make in response to requests from clients. Every piece that I make is an ambassador for my belief in quality of materials, design, and craftsmanship.
The greatest compliment that my work has ever received was from a professional archeologist. He picked up one of my works and said, “Wow! Someday when someone digs this up, it will become a national treasure.”

Artist and goldsmith Kristin Anderson started bending and hammering silver wire in High School. After receiving the BA in painting, she learned enameling in Norway to combine her smithing and painting interests. In 1971 she established her workshop Kristinworks while in graduate school in Madison, Wisconsin.
In 1974 she received the Master of Fine Arts in Art Metal at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. She made her living showing her works at major art fairs all over the USA, in competitive exhibitions, and in several fine Galleries.
In 1985 Kristin found Apalachicola on her way to an art fair in Tampa. She sold her little house in Madison, and bought the Orman Building in downtown Apalachicola. She opened Long Dream Gallery showing the works of her many art fair friends, as well as her own works.
In 1999, Kristin sold the Orman building, moved 3.5 miles out of town to a log cabin in the woods, built a new workshop, and put up the website . She continues making beautiful jewelry and small sculpture in silver, gold, enamel, and stones, and building custom pieces for many clients.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.