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Political and social activism has long been a defining characteristic of my life. In devoting my artistic practice to the field of jewelry, a field that sites itself on body, I find myself unable to strip these values from my work. Whereas I have long been intrigued by the ability of jewelry to act as a strong signifier of class, wealth, and power, I’m equally as captivated by buttons and badges. These cheap, quickly made tokens have allowed for the mass distribution of political affiliation or dissent to be worn every day. In recent works the format of jewelry is used to explore post 2016 US election political and social headlines, memes, tweets, and the larger polarized culture from which they come.

Leslie Boyd (she/her/the/them) is an artist, educator and activist, born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She studied Metalsmithing + Jewelry at Pratt Institute (BFA) and the Rhode Island School of Design (MFA). Leslie has exhibited throughout the US and in venues abroad such as the super+Centercourt Gallery in Munich, Germany and at Object Rotterdam in Holland. Boyd lives in Denver, CO where they are an Assistant Professor of Art at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.

In 2018 Leslie established the database Making Progress: Resources for Social Justice in Craft to assist craft students and educators in reflecting on how their research and practice can be inclusive and represent a more diverse range of voices and work.

Leslie is also a founding member of the JV Collective, a national group of female jewelry artists based in South Philadelphia. JV Collective currently has a traveling show called SIRENS that made its debut during Munich Jewellery Week in 2018. The exhibition was exhibited stateside at the Baltimore Jewelry Center and its third installment occurred during the inaugural New York Jewelry Week in November 2018.

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