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The objects that I am inspired by are common and everyday things.  They are humble and honest: quilts, books, boxes, paper, building tools, sewing supplies and brushes.  There is a history of sincere work in these objects; necessity and simple beauty, meaning and preciousness, charity and creativity.

As an artist I strive to make work that will outlast me, objects of classic grace, solid and strong.  There is a conflict between the humble nature of the things I value and the arrogance of my desire to make enduring objects.  My art arises from that conflict.  The artifacts of my struggle are intimate objects of jewelry, small sculpture, quilts, and drawings.

Tiffany is an artist living and working in Michigan, originally from southern Colorado.  Primarily a metalsmith and sculptor, she also makes drawings and quilts.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.