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Using sterling silver, 14k gold-fill, 18k gold, bronze, enamel and natural stones, I create one-of-a-kind pieces, by hand, that speak of the simplicity and raw beauty that surrounds us. Each piece of work is handcrafted by me personally, in my home studio in Astoria, Oregon.

Each item I create is entirely handcrafted- from the posts, to the hooks, to the necklace clasps etc. In some cases even the chains and jump rings are handcrafted. Attention to detail, original designs, and the return to slow, hands-on craftsmanship are trademark to my work. One of my favorite quotes, which I have hanging in my studio, is "The manual world saves sanity" (Chogyum Trungpa Rinpoche). In an era of mass-production and an endless supply of technological design software and production tools, I prefer to go slow. Use a pencil to draw the design. Work with my saw. Hammer with hand-strength and  not that of a machine.

“Math, Movement and Meaning” collection consists of works inspired by sacred geometry.  Using the Fibonacci math sequence, I began measuring many of my shapes to the divine ratio. There are many theories on this ratio, and mine is simply to understand it as the beauty and organization within the chaos.  Crafting from this foundation, I found myself creating in a variety of new, unintended directions--often combining these fibonacci triangles with "unsacred" shapes, juxtaposing directions within elements, or finding unique contrasts wherever I could.

Recent body work titled "Avant Earth" incorporates concepts of nature's renewal and growth through organic, less-measured designs. Some of this work is bold, inspired by waves, or the rugged beauty of an unusual stone. In other pieces, delicate outlines reminiscent of leaves and grass blades are forged and assembled into layered compositions that shift and change with movement. Many of these shapes are based on the Fibonacci sequence, which governs the physical patterns and sequences of plant growth.  Using this organic geometry as a guide imparts a lively energy to the hammered metal elements that compose each of my designs.

Newest work is titled "Timaeus", inspired by cosmology found in Plato's similarly titled dialogue.  Here I explore the 5 elements of the universe and his considerations that all such elements and their corresponding geometric shapes derive from triangles, with triangles serving as the atoms of the universe.   Various polyhedron shapes are explored from this triangular foundation and his metaphysical interpretations.  With both curious and minimalistic design concepts in mind, 3-D geometric forms are artfully paired with my passion for asymmetry, modern lines, and feminine nuances.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.