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Growing up in the colorful and shifting urban landscape of West LA, I was exposed early and often to a wide variety of modern art and pop culture. My parents encouraged my artistic leanings by sending me on long summer breaks to Idyllwild Arts, studying ceramics under the tutelage of Susan Petersen. Located in the mountains above Palm Springs, I learned oil painting, mixed media and ceramics among the ancient pines of the forest landscape. This contrast between modern/urban and nature/spontaneity is what I carry with me in developing my forms.

I throw my porcelain forms on a wheel, which gives me the ability to create organic forms. From centering the clay on the wheel, to shaping the curve of the piece, surprises arise in the fluid motion of the clay, engendering a spontaneity that inspires me.

Once I finish the forms, I lay out various shapes to see how they speak to one another and how the dialogue of spontaneity can be further explored. I ponder the focal point and how I want to guide the viewers eye from one form to the next.

The sculptural and translucent nature of porcelain is enhanced by a variety of surface treatments and firings, and a monochromatic approach allows the coolness of the lines to speak without interruption.

I strive to interact with the wearer in both a tactile and visual way. The cool surface of the porcelain and the unexpected layering of curves and cylinders,allow tactile exploration by the wearer.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.