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Recently I have been using my artwork as a means to comment on my observations of life. I have made work that references my sexuality, my experience of pursuing the “American Dream” and the all too common flipside of that pursuit, consumer dept.

I created the brooch series "Love" to reference my sexuality and to depict my family’s conflicted view of being gay. Through the use of patterns, I challenge the viewer to break down the walls between their preconceived views of queer identity. I created digital designs that were laser- etched in a mirror to depict the discomforting experience of queer attraction represented by sperm turning into spiders. After experimenting with various mediums, I found mirrored acrylic, which allowed me to capture the viewers' gaze. Working in mirrored acrylic and modern technologies, I was able to permit the viewer to reflect on their own identity — the viewing of the work invokes the viewer to question the construct of their queerness.

My works on capitalism are a developing series commenting on my desire to fulfill the traditional American Dream of acquiring wealth. I have worked in several unfulfilling jobs pursuing money and prestige over fulfillment or passion. I created this body of work referencing consumer debt to express my frustration with the emptiness of the American Dream ideals of the 1950s. I tell the audience a story about what it means to live in the post-America Dream era. Using pigs as a symbol in my work which I developed through research of animal farm behavior and the similar experiences I found in professional sales environment. My time spent working in the banking industry and having a large dataset on consumer-debt engendered a profound rejection of the "American Dream" that I had been taught was the goal I should pursue. Several pieces have evolved from this experience utilizing cast acrylic, cut-up credit cards, car finance contracts, leather, and other non-traditional materials. These works represent my passing desire for wealth and the acquisition of material possessions through consumer-debt. I now ask if the American Dream is not a mistake created by corporations for capital gain with little regard to the wellbeing of their customers or the environment.

Nathan K Carroll was born in 1995 in Lubbock, TX. In 2018 he received his degree in Media Stradigeis at Texas Tech University. Carroll has already been included in various important exhibitions including "Craft in Contemporary Art" at Site:Brooklyn, Brooklyn NY and "Justice: An Exhibition About Being Human" at the Satellite Gallery at Charles Adam Studio Project. This year he will start his MFA in Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing. Carroll currently lives and works in Abilene, Texas.

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