My work is inspired by optical illusions, human visual perception and its limitations. I love the idea that everyone sees things differently. I used to sit and stare at those wonderful books on optical illusions when I was young, sometimes seeing the form right away and often waiting for another time to enlighten me.

I work with acrylic plastic and glass to create three-dimensional puzzles that have a kaleidoscope of different perspectives within each piece allowing the viewer to imagine its form from different angles.

Laser and water jet cutting techniques give me the opportunity to create very precise geometric forms; a factor that would otherwise be almost impossible to make by hand. Although I design these pieces on the computer, and some may think that constricting, I find the process quite playful and I hope that sense of joy shows in the work. I would like the viewers to feel pleasure and to find the result entertaining.

Nicole Singer grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in April 2017. She graduated with a major in jewellery and metal smithing and a minor in art history.

Nicole continued her education in Gemmology, and in 2018 became a FCGmA.

Nicole currently lives and works as a Junior Goldsmith and Gemologist in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.