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  • Ottawa Kansas U.S.

Growing up in a small Kansas town I was never far from nature. I was kid number six out of seven, my parents were farm kids raised during the depression and WWII. after my dad got out of the Navy in the 1940's he worked for the rail road. I think that exposer is why I love creating my works that are influenced by both mechanical and organic forms. I have always noticed how some of the machinery resembled organic forms, like the grill on a 1940 Ford looks like the face of a locust. the old machinery around small farm towns have great colors and patinas from their age and nature taking its turn on creating the chemical and physical reactions on them. The different colors from the seasons have always been a fascinating thing for me the different shades of green from spring to summer and into fall, and then the leaves change to all the late fall colors. copper is one of the metals that you can get so many of those colors out of with different treatments. I love to take metal and make it look like something made of clay, wood, and leather.

Pete Wolken born and raised in Ottawa, Kansas. served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter hydraulic pneumatic mechanic. works in a distribution center for one of the top clothing retailers. creates metal work as much as possible, and substitute teaches for the local high school.

Associate of Arts, Neosho County Community College.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Kansas. Metalsmithing and Jewelry.


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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.