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I am fascinated by the perversity of nature. My current work casts a critical, scientific, and humorous eye on the mutagenesis of form, from the cellular level to the limb. It examines and celebrates that moment of translation from cerebral to visceral.

The art that I find most intriguing requires of the viewer a mental jump to bridge the synapses: from the concrete to the metaphysical to the pataphysical, scientific to abstract to imaginary. I aim for my art to effect a visceral reaction, both literally (in actual space) and conceptually (the space between your ears.) In that fraction of time between first seeing and then feeling the trajectory of the work there is a joyous mental “aha” moment. Beyond its conceptual genesis, however, I aim to create work that can reinvent itself according to the viewer’s own experiential connection, and as such becomes universal, transcending a single interpretation.

Annette was born and raised in Northern California. She completed her undergraduate degree at U.C. Berkeley, where she studied Genetics and Art, and she received her M.F.A. at the California College of the Arts. Annette is a winner of the 2018 international art competition Premio O.R.A. Italia, and had a solo exhibition in 2019 at 3)5 Arte Contemporanea, a contemporary art gallery in Viterbo, Italy. She was one of 18 artists from 15 countries chosen for the YICCA International Art Prize, and exhibited in Zagreb, Croatia in early 2019. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Discovered Award, a grant, catalogue, and exhibition funded by Sonoma County and the NEA, and attended residencies at the Morris Graves Foundation and the Headlands Center of the Arts, as an affiliate. Her sculpture has been exhibited in solo and group shows locally, nationally, and internationally, including the Sonoma County Museum of Art, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, The Falkirk Cultural Center, and the Kellogg University Art Center in Los Angeles, among many others.

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