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The objects that I make relate to the process of seeing. The seeing that I am interested in relates to examination and understanding. We see our environment every day yet rarely understand it in a moment of silent concentration. I am interested in that moment when we pause to really look at something and try to understand it, connect to it in some way. We dissect the whole and try to connect the parts to something or someone that we know. I create references to the triggers and the mechanisms of this process of examination and awareness.

Dianne Reilly has been a metalsmith/designer for the last eighteen years. She is a professor of metalsmithing at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work has been shown and published nationally. She currently resides in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Teaching/workshop/lecture experience includes Rhode Island College, NE Enamel Guild Conference, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Fuller Craft Museum, Penland School of crafts and Snow farm craft center.
Exhibitions include; Luke and Eloy gallery, Metal Inclinations, University Gallery, Fuller Craft Museum, Perimeter Gallery - Chicago, Ill., Arrowmount School of crafts, Velvet Da Vinci Gallery - San Francisco, Ca,. Fuller Craft Museum – Brockton, Ma. , Narrows Art Center – Fallriver Ma,
and the Bannister Gallery – Providence, RI.

Work published in Lark books - 1000 Rings, 500 vessels, The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry, 500 Enameled Objects.

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