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René’s emphasis is sculpture and metalsmithing. She merges unique materials and methods and has developed some unconventional techniques while exploring merging organic materials with glass, concrete, metal and unusual materials.   Organic, abstract and contemporary best describe her work.

After living in Europe and Australia while being based in Texas and Wyoming, René has been inspired with the beautiful relationship that concrete and metal have with plants that always find a way to live in urban environments.  In her sculpture and jewelry work, René tries to recreate this unique relationship.

Her Urban Garden collection merges plants with urban textures.  Lichen, seaweed and found objects from outdoor hikes are collected and merged with concrete and metal.

Her recent concrete sculptures have been accepted to top art exhibitions in Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado.




René gave up her consulting business in Arizona to move with her family to France for a year.  This intentional move gave her the opportunity to study architecture, art, history and and enjoy exploring a new way of living with her husband and 3 sons.

Focusing on her love for architecture, René grew her design and building business and widened these skills into art, sculpture, installation and metalsmith.  Her jewelry and sculpture designs often include concrete and other unconventional materials.

While working on her BFA degree part time, she has been active in creating installations, collaborations and writing grants.

In 2018 René expanded "Science Loves Art" to a nonprofit.  Collaborations with paleobotanists and botanists  have inspired new work to include wearable glass fossils and fossil concrete/metal furniture.

In 2017, René was awarded the artist position in a $20 Million Grant from the National Science Foundation.  She is excited to bring art and science together in her new studio in downtown Laramie... 4th Street Studios.



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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.