There is something about nature that soothes the soul and reminds us to take a deep breath and slow our pace. Whether it be an awe-inspiring sunset, a perfectly symmetrical flower, or the colors reflected from a stone, nature has a way of calming the spirit and reminding us that everything is as it should be. Nature has provided me with a source of healing within my spiritual walk. In turn, much of my artwork is inspired by natural objects and occurrences.
My work focuses on the detailed perfection that is found in nature and the balance of symmetrical and asymmetrical components that intermingle in perfect rhythm. Many pieces showcase the beauty of color and texture of stone while other pieces place value on soft, organic curves and repetition of shape. Within my creative process, high value is placed on the ancient Chinese principle of inviting chi, or universal life force, into my art.

I am a student of life and silversmith.
My southern roots run deep as I was born and raised in the small town of Cairo, GA. The moral values and respect for hard work and dedication I learned there forwarded me to take on a creative path that led me to be a metalsmith and jeweler. I received my BFA in Art from Valdosta State University in 2015. There, I gleaned much knowledge about art and design and found my passion working with metals.
A major life occurence during my second year in college ushered me to take on my own "sabbatical." It was then that I found my faith and knowing in God and developed a deep desire for seeking wisdom and living as a student of life. My artwork has become a reflection of this romance.
I am currently working on my Masters degree at East Carolina University and am residing in Greenville, North Carolina. Here, I am developing the intuitive processes that I use to create harmonic designs which contemplate healing. I am also working on research for a future production jewelry line called "Honey of the Rock."

Holly Roddenbery
353-E2 Beasley Drive, Greenville, NC 27834 • 229-327-7477 •




Spring 2019 expected    M.F.A Metal Design, East Carolina University     Greenville, NC

  • Assistantship Scholarship Recipient
  • 2016 Visual Arts Forum Scholarship Recipient


Fall 2015                     B.F.A. Art, Valdosta State University                       Valdosta, GA

  • Extensive study of jewelry and metalsmithing
  • 2015 Harmon Scholarship Award Recipient
  • GPA 3.22
  • Dean’s List for 4 semesters


Work Experience


07/ 2014 – 12/ 2015    M.A.C. – Makeup Art Cosmetics                             Valdosta, GA

Counter Makeup Artist/Viva Glam Ambassador

  • Apply and select makeup for customers based on aesthetics and trend
  • Promote sale of Viva Glam products for M.A.C. Aids Fund charity
  • Schedule appointments, inform customers of product information, handle money transfers




2016    Momento Burroughs Wellcome Gallery, Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center, Greenville NC

Guilded Burroughs Wellcome Gallery, Leo Jenkins Fine Art Center, Greenville NC


2015     Things Made By People Dedo Meranville Fine Arts Gallery, VSU, Valdosta GA

VSU Student Art Competition VSU Fine Arts Gallery, Valdosta GA


2014    4140 Exhibition: VSU Technical Problems in Art VSU Fine Arts Gallery, Valdosta GA

VSU Student Art Competition VSU Fine Arts Gallery, Valdosta GA





Ken Bova –Metal Design Area Co-coordinator, East Carolina University    252-737-4390

Abigail Heuss – Assistant Professor of Art, Valdosta State University         229-333-5834

Michael Schmidt – Head, Department of Art, Valdosta State University     229-333-5835


Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.