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Intrigued by ironies in social norms and the impact of status anxiety in our modern world, my work and practice reflects on society through a satirical lens. Engraving has historically detailed style and manners in each era. By creating mass-produced forms I engrave my work with contemporary narratives, patterns and text to explore addiction, technology, religion, and disposable culture. I question the swath of values set out by consumer culture with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, inviting viewers to recognise the uncomfortable truths in our daily lives.

My current body of hand-engraved work, Disposable Income, examines throwaway vessels and their gross social and environmental impact on society. Creating a series of every-day disposable objects using precious and non-precious metals, I elevate the forms to emphasize the longevity of their impact.  Heavily influenced by language, satire, and pop-culture, I use my illustrative style of engraving to convey the overwhelming branding and absurdity of the waste associated with these objects. I see disposable containers as ritualistic objects that can take on the level of luxury good through mass consumption.

I’m curious about our dependency on single-use-objects such as cigarette packs, coffee cups, and dime bags that hold significant value in people’s day-to-day lives, habits, and social interactions. Because of the addictive and convenient nature of disposable culture, we place high value on the consumables and their associated lifestyles while neglecting the impact the vessels have on our civilization.

Nicholas Rosin

902 414 9428                                           Halifax, NS             

2009-15               Bachelor of Fine Arts, Jewellery Design & Metalsmithing, NSCAD University, Halifax, NS
2011-12                Exchange, Pforzheim Hochschule fur Gestaltung           Baden Württemberg, Germany

Exhibitions (*solo)
2018                      Disposable Income, Hermes Gallery *                                                                      Halifax, NS

2017                      Life Preserver, Ornamentum Gallery (Collaboration with R. Hannon)         Hudson, NY

2016                       15 Monologues, Mary E Black Gallery                                                                     Halifax NS

2014                       Coal or Gold, BridgeCAT Gallery                                                                              Dartmouth, NS

2013                       Linked, Seeds Gallery                                                                                                    Halifax, NS

2013                      Pforzheim Gestaltung Werkshau, Hochschule fur Gestaltung      Pforzheim, Germany

2012                       Macht (M8), Hochschule fur Gestaltung                                                Pforzheim, Germany


Residencies        (*paid)

2017-18               AIRcraft Professional Development Residency, NS Centre for Craft *          Halifax,NS


2016                    Summer Professional Development Residency, NS Centre for Craft             Halifax, NS


Related Professional Experience (*Voluntary)

2018                      Bench assistant, Sarah Sears Jewelry,                                                                       Halifax, NS


2018                     Gallery Coordinator, Mary E. Black Gallery, NS Centre for Craft                     Halifax, NS


2018                      Hand Engraving Workshop, NSCAD University                                                      Halifax, NS


2017-18                Instructor, Metal Keepsake Containers, NS Centre for Craft                         Halifax, NS


2018                      Instructor, Introduction to Engraving, NS Centre for Craft                               Halifax, NS


2018                     Instructor, Introduction to Jewellery, NS Centre for Craft                                Halifax, NS


2016-18               Metal/Jewellery Studio Technician, NS Centre for Craft                                   Halifax, NS

2016-17               Gallery Assistant at Mary E. Black Gallery, NS Centre for Craft                      Halifax, NS


2017                     Social Media Rep, Artist for a Day, NS Center for Craft*                                   Halifax, NS


2017                    Craft Nova Scotia Winter Market, Engraving Demonstration*                         Halifax, NS


2016 -17       Nocturne: Art at Night Festival, Mary E. Black Gallery, NS Centre for Craft      Halifax, NS


2016                      Bench Jeweller/ Assistant, Dorothee Rosen Goldsmith                                    Halifax, NS


2016                      Engraving workshop Instructor, Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia                    Halifax, NS


2015                     Hand Engraving workshop, NSCAD University                                                        Halifax, NS

2014                     Illustration and Comic workshop Leader for youth, School Arts                       Halifax, NS


Stockists and Craft Fairs (*stockists)

2018                    Periwinkle Café    *                                                                                                        Cape Breton, NS

2018                    Halifax Crafters, Spring Fair                                                                                             Halifax, NS

2018                    Khyber Flea Market                                                                                                            Halifax, NS

2017                    Halifax Crafters, Winter Fair                                                                                            Halifax, NS

2017                     North By Night BLOC Party, Art Market                                                                     Halifax, NS

2017                      Daily Grind, Art and Café*                                                                                             Halifax, NS

2016                       Curio Art Market                                                                                                             Halifax, NS

2015                       Wishbook, FRED                                                                                                              Halifax, NS


Professional Development


2018                   Building Cultures of Care Anti-Oppression Workshop                                          Halifax, NS

2018                   Writing Strategies for Craft-Based Artists, Center for Craft NS                         Halifax, NS

2017                   Finding Balance in Work/Art/Life, Center for Craft NS                                          Halifax,NS

2017                   SOFA Chicago Educational Mission, Craft Alliance Atlantic                              Chicago,Il.USA

2017                   Grant Writing workshop, Visual Arts Nova Scotia                                                   Halifax, NS

Affiliations / Memberships
2018                       Society of North American Goldsmiths

2017-18             Coadorn:  Contemporary Jewellery  2017

2018                    The Khyber Center for the Arts

2015- 18            Metal Arts Guild Canada

2015- 18            Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia

2017-18             Visual Arts Nova Scotia 2017-18

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