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My current research is interested in the response of metal, that is hand pierced or water jet cut with patterns of perforations, and it’s response to pressure in processes utilizing the hydraulic press. Pillowed metal acts as a container or cage, which houses alternative materials such as silicone, furs, felt, flock, and other textiles. Within this act of entrapping tactile materials with open portals that allow the inner material to spill or puff out, these objects offer a variety of ways to allow or restrict access to the tactile experience. Considering this along with concepts of interior versus exterior or permission versus restraint; I create wearable objects that open up to moments of touch, petting, grooming, and play. These objects can offer comfort and ways to fidget that are under the guise of “sophisticated” or at the least socially acceptable wearable objects, filling in for the toys and comfort objects we are expected to outgrow as children.

Sarah Montagnoli is a Jeweler & Metalsmith who is based in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently working towards her MFA at Tyler School of Art & Architecture (2021) following a short period of career exploration after receiving her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design (2018). Her work is created utilizing the hydraulic press and traditional practices of hand fabrication, in conjunction with technology and programs like CAD, Water Jet Cutters, and Laser cutters; to create dimensional perforated metal forms. Through incorporating tactile elements such as furs, flocking, silicone, felt, and various other materials; tactility and moments of comfort, sensuality, and play are created in the work. A continuing theme within Sarah’s work is the critique of Catholicism, re-exploring childhood memories and memorabilia, as well as concepts of pleasure, comfort, healing, and trust, through elements like tactility and scale.

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