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I am inspired by natural patterns and textures from the microscopic (cells, geology, botany) to the cosmos (planets, galaxies, and the still unknown). I also have a strong affinity to the geometric and clean designs of modernist minimalism. This juxtaposition between the the organic and man-made creates a tension which I enjoy navigating. I explore the potential of silver through shaping, etching and oxidation to bring out texture and contrast. Sometimes I incorporate kiln-fired enamel into my work, which brings an element of bold color, fun, and surprise.

Metalwork itself is an embrace of the balance between chaos and order; silver is both solid and weighty, but also malleable and changeable. I strive to discover that line: between mastery of a medium and acceptance of its inherent unpredictability, between impulsivity and control, and between darkness and brightness.

My metalsmithing adventure started back in the summer of 1987 in Mexico, where I was studying Spanish at the Instituto Allende. There, I took an Intro to Silversmithing class and discovered the thrill of manipulating metal with hammers and fire. I have always been drawn to experimenting with artistic expression - photography, clay, fabric, charcoal drawing, and even knitting - but found working with silver to be the creative outlet I am most passionate about.

I now live in Denver, Colorado, where I’m continuing to expand and refine my metalworking skills including etching, enameling and chasing and repouseé at Metropolitan State University, Denver School of Metal Arts, and various workshops around the country. In addition to processes and applications, my prior formal studies centered on understanding how the art of others - language, literature, art history and film - fit into the world. My favorite techniques include hammer forming, piercing, and creating unexpected textures. When I’m not playing with fire, I enjoy mountain biking in the Rockies, fostering cats and watching the Avs play hockey.

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Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.