wild / crafted / metal


when you bury a seed

into the earth,

whisper to it ... grow

when it's curved neck

begins to emerge,

shedding the weight

of the soil,

whisper: grow

when the first leaves

reach to embrace the sun,

whisper: you are growing

when the hail storms fall

and the freezes come late,

whisper: you can still grow

when the rabbits nibble

and the deer destroy,

you will grow

when branches stretch,

flowers unfold, fruit hangs,

how you have grown

when the leaves color and drop,

the flowers wilt and fade,

whisper: you will grow again

when the seeds fall

and bury into the earth once more,

whisper to them: grow...




[ my current offerings are about growth:

growth within / growth without /

growth as an artist / growth as a

solitary soul exploring this planet,

seeking, wondering, investigating,

wandering, dreaming, striving...


thank you for joining me

on this exquisite and jagged journey

artfully yours / ace / studio luna verde ]

Ace, of Studio Luna Verde, wandered (and settled) into Colorado several years ago, after exploring and hiking and driving all over the west, stopping a bit to live in places like Point Arena, California / Moab, Utah / Flagstaff, Arizona. Experiences have included driving 195os era tour buses for Green Tortoise Adventure Travel / travelling and performing with a three ring circus / working on the White Mountain Apache Tribe Reservation in Arizona / hiking into (and out of) the Grand Canyon at least seven times / living out of a '72 Toyota Landcruiser for three (and a half) years while exploring the vastness of the U.S. /  and failing miserably at surfing on the Sea of Cortez.  Having settled in one place has allowed for explorations in many different aspects of art, but playing with fire has become quite the favorite.

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