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ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio designs and hand crafts decorative vitreous enamel vessels and panels that enhance the life and ritual of persons following various paths of devotion, spiritual liberation and reflection.
Vitreous enameled art metal is sequentially fired at 1500 deg F and requires many days of precise design and execution. Vitreous enamel imparts a beautiful marriage of color, glass, light and metal.

Champleve, a specialized vitreous enamel technique, balances the lustrous capacity of the metal reserve with the luminous wells of glass fired into cells excavated or etched from the metal. Dating back to ancient and medieval applications of the technique for heraldic and clerical uses and rejuvenated many times over the centuries in more aesthetically refined decorative styles, Champleve is intimately explored by ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio in a newly energized context of decorative formality and conceptual engagement.

Geometric realities are levitated by a graphic art sensibility and a visual tease to soften our old, conceived notions.  The false authority of tubular dogma and the narcissism of modern technological inversion, both inherent in the vessels' origins as perfect symmetries, are modulated by human visual narrative, symbolism and perceptual resolution.  Color, in a mythic sense, is celebrated and embraced in our new understanding of reality and our path to release from suffering.  Seemingly inexorable constraint melts into non reactive pattern and nuance.

The strong pillar of identity is enhanced by the embrace of compassionate energy.  Negative impulse and karma are attenuated by visually manifest chant.  Right view is approached and refreshed, again and again.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.