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The mouth is what keeps the prison of our bodies sealed up tight…It’s the door to the body, the place where we greet the world, the parlor of great risk.”
Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of the Senses

My work is an exploration of such a space. In my sculpture, the viewer is confronted with the vulnerability and frailty of the body as well as the violence inherent in consumption and digestion. My material choices are designed to both attract and repulse, highlighting the beauty intrinsic in the visceral, the convergence of interior and exterior, and the connection between nourishment and sensual arousal. It is the push and pull between civility, gluttony, simple pleasures and fetishism that interests me, particularly with regards to women’s bodies. In my work, the link between women and nourishment can be discovered when viewing the Feeding the Hunger pieces in profile while they are engaged in a person’s mouth; a silhouette that reads as a mouth suckling at a breast emerges. The forms are voluptuous, delicate, ornate, while at the same time altering the person’s body, taking control away from the wearer.

April Wood is a metalsmith living and working in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA in Studio Art-Metals from Texas State University in San Marcos and her MFA from Towson University. She has exhibited her work locally and nationally, most recently in a solo exhibition New Works: April Wood at the Austin Museum of Art - Laguna Gloria. She has been the recipient of three Maryland State Art Council Individual Artist Awards (2009 – Sculpture, 2010 - Works on Paper, 2012 – Crafts). Her work has been published in Metalsmith, Surface Design Journal, and Sculpture. Her work may be viewed at

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