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Ximena’s work is about possibilities. She describes the process of making as a conversation; a complex dialogue between materials, techniques, context and ideas.

It is through an intuitive and unconventional approach in processes and finishes that she is able to achieve spontaneous and unforeseen aesthetic outcomes. As a result, each one of her pieces has its own intrinsic force that cannot be duplicated.
Although their marks and irregularities are in great part what makes her pieces unique, for Ximena, a piece of jewellery achieves its greatest potential when it contributes to the addition of an element of individuality to its wearer.

My name is Ximena Ferré; I was born in Argentina, where I lived until my early twenties, and then moved to New Zealand with my husband Marcos.
We now have three incredible children, Nika, Petra and Remo.
In 2015 the five of us travelled around the world for a year an a half, embarked in an adventure that changed our lives completely.
With a background in Communications and Design I've always had a passion for those elements that help us communicate the idea of who we are to those around us; so once we returned to Auckland, I continued my studies and started creating some of those elements through contemporary jewellery.
I believe my work is about possibilities and the process of making is like a conversation, a complex dialogue between materials, techniques, context and ideas.

Where to Buy

Work is not available for sale through the SNAG website. Please contact the artist directly to inquire about making a purchase.