Metalsmith is the leading source for jewelry and metalworking inspiration, insight, and information.  It reaches 20,000 trendsetters throughout North America, including every member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG).

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Our Readership

Readers are deeply involved in metalworking and jewelry arts, with 81% producing metal objects.  And they are motivated to take action. The magazine inspires 80% of readers to learn something new or to make new work.  And 42% have purchased from an advertiser as a direct result of reading Metalsmith.

From A-Z

Metalsmith is a unique collection of articles and information not available from any other source.  The work incorporates all metals, from platinum, gold, and silver, to iron, copper, aluminum, steel, and bronze, as well as any alternative materials.  Metalsmith showcases the full range of scale, from intimate jewelry to holloware to sculpture.