New Voices Writing Contest

Metalsmith-40-LogoIn celebration of 40 years of publication, Metalsmith magazine invited submissions from new and aspiring writers to the New Voices Writing Contest. Twenty-seven proposals were juried by Editor, Adriane Dalton, and the Publications Advisory Committee: Lauren Eckert, Kirk Lang, Lorena Lazard, and Katja Toporski.

The committee is pleased to announce Jessica Todd as winner of the New Voices Writing Content. Due to the volume of high quality of submissions, the committee also selected a second proposal, by Rebecca Schena, for recognition as runner-up.

We are keeping the proposal topics under wraps while the authors refine their research and polish their essays for publication.

Please join us in congratulating Jessica and Rebecca, and look for their articles in Volume 41 of Metalsmith.

Winner: Jessica Todd

Jessica Todd headshot_squareJessica Todd is a writer, artist, arts administrator, and emerging curator who lives in Tampa, Florida. She is passionate about building the creative infrastructures that support artists and arts organizations, as well as studying and addressing issues of equity, access, and inclusion in the field of contemporary craft and beyond. Through her writing and curatorial work, she seeks to amplify the voices of marginalized, unseen, and emerging artists who create work that is fresh, innovative, impactful, interdisciplinary, outside of the mainstream, and engaging new audiences. Jessica earned a Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry/Metals/Enameling under Kathleen Browne from Kent State in 2014 and a Bachelor of Arts in Art with a concentration in Metal Art and Technology under James Thurman from Penn State in 2008.


Runner-up : Rebecca Schena

HeadshotSpring2020Rebecca Schena is a Bay Area-based jeweler, maker, baker and aspiring maximalist. She is a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where she earned her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing with a concentration in Mind, Brain, and Behavior. In addition to her daily work as a bench jeweler, she is a contributor to Current Obsession Magazine and a participant in New York Jewelry Weeks’ 2020 One for the Future Program. Rebecca is interested in jewelry as a method of initiating political discourse and as a way of expressing, manipulating, or distorting social identity. She believes that a healthy dose of humor and blasphemy is necessary to invite us into approaching critical subject matter. Her current studio work and research practice explore the relationship between light optics and social “optics”. She hopes that someday she can afford a nice built-in bookshelf on which to display her thrift store mug collection.