Volunteer Recognition Award

SNAG’s success depends to a large part on the commitment of its volunteer base. Inspired by the numerous volunteers who dedicate countless hours to SNAG every year, the Board of Directors created The Volunteer Recognition Award to publicly acknowledge and honor volunteer contributions to the highest extent. From time to time, the Award shall be bestowed on deserving volunteers to acknowledge their length of service, exemplary initiative, and impact on the SNAG community, based on nominations exclusively by the Board of Directors and the Society’s committees.

Past Volunteer Recognition Award Recipients

Pam Robinson (2019)
Anne Havel (2018)
Don Friedlich (2017)
Boris Bally (2016)
Harriete Estel Berman (2015)

2018 SNAG VRA BroochAbout the pin created for the 2018-2020 Volunteer Recognition Awards: Bowling Green State University student Michael Nashef won a design competition held by SNAG. In the Middle East and surrounding countries the term “thank you” is usually verbally pronounced in one of these three main languages: “Shukran” in Arabic, “Merci” in French, and “Thank you” in English, depending on your education level and status. 2018 SNAG VRA Brooch 2However, the main symbol or motion that everyone agrees on is the motion of putting your right hand over you heart and chest area, indicating deep gratitude from the bottom of your heart to the person who you are trying to thank. This sincere motion or symbol is a sign of respect to someone who you want to show genuine and honest appreciation for their hard work, and that you are grateful for them and what they did.

2015 VRA pinAbout the pin created for the 2015-2017 Volunteer Recognition Awards: Grand Valley State University’s Department of Art and Design student Ross Tanner (Graphic Design, 15′) won a design competition held by GVSU’s Jewelry and Metalsmithing Area. As well as GVSU donating the materials to create this gorgeous pin, the students in the Intermediate/Advance Jewelry and Metalsmithing class worked together to create pins for the award winners.