Jewelry & Metals Survey (JAMS)

JAMS 2018 cover

SNAG’s first Jewelry and Metals Survey (JAMS) is now available!  This annual publication highlights the best new work being made in the international field of jewelry and metals.

2017 Jewelry and Metals Survey

The jury has selected the top 100 images from the submissions. Each juror has also selected additional images to be published. The 2017 JAMS book can be ordered here.

Congratulations to these artists selected for 2017:

Zahra Almajidi
Jessica Andersen
Lorena Angulo
Peter Antor
Adam Atkinson
Shuoyuan Bai
Jason Baide
Boris Bally
Mara Balode
Chang Bao
William Baran-Mickle
Haley Bates
Barbara Baur
Candace Beardslee
Megan Beck
Alla Belenkov
Barbara M. Berk
Harriete Estel Berman
Iris Bodemer
Kathleen Browne
Ashley Buchanan
Julianne Bursinger
Katelyn Butler
Pam Caidin
Jessica Calderwood
Melissa Cameron
Thomas Campbell
Bifei Cao
Cristina Celis
Jeffrey Clancy
Petra Class
Susan Coddon
Luana Coonen
Andy Cooperman
Shelly Cournoyer
Seliena Coyle
Tayja Danger
Chloe Darke
Shannon Debeyer
Hillarey Dees
Jeffrey Lloyd Dever
Chapin Dimond
Keela Dee Dooley
Joost During
Connor Dyer
Danielle Embry
Yvonne Escalante
Hattie Eshleman
Teresa Faris
Gretal Ferguson
Kaska Firor
Frankie Flood
Juan Fried
Michele A. Friedman
Laurel Fulton
Sophie Glenn
Robly A. Glover
Magali Thibault Gobeil
Nathan Greiner
Tamara Grüner
Samuel Guillén
Jorge Pérez Gutiérrez
Masako Hamaguchi
David Hardcastle
Leah Hardy
Andrew Hayes
Angelina & Joel Heidel
Nicola Heidemann
Jill Herlands
Abigail Heuss
Mana Hewitt
Eero Hintsanen
Everett Hoffman
David Huang
Yi-Jhu Huang
Mi-Sook Hur
Linore Huss
Yuka Okane Inoue
Chris Irick
Kathleen Janvier
Jesper Jensen
Mary Frisbee Johnson
Preston Jones
Younha Jung
Lauren Kalman
Kathleen Kameen
Steven Kaplan-Pistiner
Malene Kastalje
Masumi Kataoka
Narissa Kennedy
Heejin Kim
Hoon Kim
Jocelyn Kolb-DeWitt
Joshua Kosker
Andrew Kuebeck
Charles Kumnick
Theresa Kwong
Kirk Lang
Agostina Laurenzano
Zach Lihatsh
Ana Lopez
Amy Roper Lyons
Natalie Macellaio
Patricia Madeja
Edna Madera
Nathalie Maiello
Sharon Massey
Megan McGaffigan
Zach Mellman-Carsey
Natasha A. Morris
Paulette Myers
Michael Nashef
Guadalupe Navarro
Orsolya Nemeth
Casey Newberg
Heather S. Nuber
Jeremy Nuttall
Komelia Okim
Mary Kay Palazzo
Maria Pia Panzica
Eunseon Park
Emily Pellini
John Phillips
Sharon Portelance
Jeanie Pratt
Mengnan Qu
Daniel Randall
Birgit Reiger
Alain Roggeman
Emily Rogstad
Hosanna Rubio
Kento Saisho
Hap Sakwa
Rita Sarafian
Linda Savineau
Rose Schlemmer
Sondra Sherman
Matthew Smith
Rachel Smith
Philipp Spillmann
Sheila Stillman
Demitra Thomloudis
Jess Tolbert
Jill Tower
Johanna Typaldos
MJ Tyson
Wolfgang Vaatz
Shayla Vines
Katrina Virgona
Deborah Vivas
Nancy Meli Walker
Tara Britton Wilkins
Bethany Laranda Wood
Dongyi Wu
Xinhao Yang
Dukno Yoon
Madolin Yoshikane
Stephen Yusko
Isabel Zeng

JaMSJAMS will be an annual survey of jewelry and metals
in contemporary art, architecture, craft, and design created in the previous year by emerging and established artists, as well as students. Every year, a new jury of curators, artists, designers, gallery owners, and historians will select the work. The goal is to showcase 200-juried objects made in the last year highlighting the wide range of work being made currently in the field of jewelry and metals. These objects can be traditional or art jewelry, objects – functional or not, sculptural, architectural, public art, or design objects.

Each juror will write a brief essay relating to what they see as they jury their selections. Each included artist will have the option of providing any contact information in the Directory section of the book.

This survey publication will not be themed but instead judged on the following criteria:

  •    Creative and inventive use of medium
  •    Innovation in style and concept
  •    Technical proficiency, construction, and craftsmanship
  •    Form and aesthetics of the piece
  •    Consistency of the quality of the piece
  •    Other considerations as determined by the jury

Questions? Contact Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith

The 2017 jurors were:

Vivian Beer is a furniture designer/maker based in New England. Her sleek, abstracted metal and concrete furniture combines contemporary design, craft, and sculpture creating objects that alter expectations of and interface with our domestic landscape. Her work is in the collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, MFA Boston, Brooklyn Museum, Museum of Arts and Design and the cities of Portland ME, Cambridge MA and Arlington VA. She holds a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and has held numerous residencies including Penland School of Crafts, Museum of Glass, and a Research Fellowship at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Cornelie HolzachCornelie Holzach was born in Reutlingen 1959. After an apprenticeship as a goldsmith she studied jewellery design at the University of Applied Arts in Pforzheim and art history in Karlsruhe. Among others she acted as scientific officer at the University of Applied Arts in Pforzheim as well as at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. Since 1997 she has been a staff member of the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, and its director since 2005. Most recently Cornelie served as the curator for Schmuck 2017.

Alan RevereAlan Revere holds a unique position in the jewelry community, with one foot firmly planted as an award-winning designer and the other as one of the country’s most prominent jewelry educators. With degrees in psychology and art, followed by German training as a goldsmith, Revere set out to make jewelry. For two decades, he designed and created a signature line of dramatic jewelry, which was sold in stores and galleries nationwide. In addition, Alan has trained over 10,000 students at the school he founded and directs, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, in San Francisco, California.

Alan’s jewelry appears in many books and his work is included in the Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim, the GIA Museum in Carlsbad and the Oakland Museum. Alan is the author of seven instructional books, a hundred articles and a series of DVD’s for goldsmiths and jewelers. Alan Revere is the founder of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group ( and he is past president of the American Jewelry Design Council ( With his deep understanding of the field and his broad influence on the industry, it is no wonder that Alan is revered as, “A master’s master.”