Road 2 Success

R2Slogo250SNAG’s Road 2 Success program fosters job creation and retention, develops workplace skills, builds business ownership, and improves work/life balance in the craft community.


Please check back for news about what SNAG will be offering in 2021.

Road 2 Success consists of several avenues of education:

Craft LabCraft Labs 2 hour webinar professional development classes, help artists recognize and adapt to changing models and pursue innovative business solutions, allowing them to build skill sets to address economic realities and grow stronger businesses.
Live Q&ALive Q&As offering subject matter experts and peer-to-peer support to create opportunities for currently successful artists to connect with new/emerging/expanding artists to share with them their experiences and successes and to teach new skills.
ResourcesResources to help you grow and build the business of your dreams. Includes handouts and tool kits. These will focus on individual components for creating successful and sustainable businesses.
Forging a FoundationForging a Foundation an 8-week online business plan development/re-development course to help new/emerging artists and existing business owners create comprehensive business plans in order to start-up, expand, or enhance their businesses. Also supports existing businesses by recognizing business planning doesn’t stop when the sales start. This course will provide a way to assess the whole business model, advance a new idea that will fit within the larger business, and gain peer feedback in a confidential setting.
R2S Rent-A-Pro Logo sRent-A-Pro makes one-on-one consultations with subject matter experts accessible to artist entrepreneurs. For a reduced rate, clients get a 45-minute meeting with an expert specifically focused on personal goals. Includes marketing, social media, sales, business plan development, branding, pricing, graphic design, web design, bookkeeping, tax prep, search engine optimization, merchandising, finding your customer segment, legal guidance and more. SEE A LIST OF PROS AND SIGN UP
SNAG_2020-Conference_Logo_featureOn-Site Workshops in our conference city. Before each annual SNAG conference, a variety of professional practices workshops are offered. 2020 on-site workshops have been cancelled, stay tuned for possible online rescheduling.


  • Craft Labs $50 for non-members or $30 for SNAG members (use discount code CLMEM at checkout)
  • Live Q&As $30 for non-members or $20 for SNAG members (use discount code LQAMEM at checkout)
  • Resources Pricing varies depending on the resource
  • Forging a Foundation $400 for non-members or $250 for SNAG members (use discount code FFMEM at checkout)
  • Rent-A-Pro $95 per session for non-members or $80 per session for SNAG members (use discount code RAPMEM at checkout)
  • On-Site Workshops prices vary
  • All purchases are non-refundable.


Can’t make it to a live session? Craft Lab and Live Q&A recordings and chat transcripts are sent to all registrants after the webinar is complete. So if the set time doesn’t work for you, you will be able to watch (or re-watch) it at your convenience.

What is a Craft Lab?

Wondering what a Craft Lab is like? Watch this recording of Pricing Your Work with Hilary Halstead Scott from May 2020.

Hilary is the President of Halstead, a jewelry supply wholesaler for studios worldwide.  You can find the Halstead Salary & Pricing Worksheet here

What is a Live Q&A?

Watch this recording of Writing About Objects with Adriane Dalton from July 2020.


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R2S_Rent a Pro_logoRent-A-Pro (on-going)

$95 for non-members
$80 for SNAG members (use discount code RAPMEM at checkout)

Learn More Here

One-on-one consultations with subject matter experts. Get a 45-minute phone meeting with an expert, specifically focused on the goal(s) that you identify.


Horn Foundation_sponsor
Thanks to the John & Robyn Horn Foundation for their support of the Road 2 Success program.

Read more about SNAG's Road 2 Success program.

Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship provides artists with a wide range of business skills and encourages craft-based entrepreneurial activity. Our unique approach works holistically to create results that are not only successful, but sustainable. Our process builds foundations through training; addresses potential/real barriers to success; connects artists with vital resources and networks for support, and access to new markets; and uses mentorship and follow-through coaching to realize implementation.

This vigorous entrepreneurship training also helps artists to recognize and adapt to evolving economies and markets, pursue innovative business solutions, which will ultimately allow them to build critical skill sets to address economic realities, and grow stronger businesses for themselves. Thriving craft entrepreneurial activity powerfully impacts our communities, driving economic vitality and building sustainability and vibrancy.

SNAG’s Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship programming does not have a specific beginning or end date, instead it is an emergent process and we tailor our efforts to the unique needs and skill levels of our artists for more effective results. We work to stay at the forefront of the business climate, and we continuously develop new educational materials, resources, promotional efforts in response to opportunities, needs of our members, and research.


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