Road 2 Success

R2Slogo250SNAG’s Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship, consists of four distinct avenues of education:

Craft LabCraft Labs 2 hour Webinar professional development classes, help artists recognize and adapt to changing models and pursue innovative business solutions, allowing them to build skill sets to address economic realities and grow stronger businesses.

Live Q&ALive Q&As offering subject matter experts and peer-to-peer support to create opportunities for currently successful artists to connect with new/emerging/expanding artists to share with them their experiences and successes and to teach new skills.

ResourcesResources that are downloadable and available on our website to help you grow and build the business of your dreams. These include handouts and tool kits. These will focus on individual components for creating successful & sustainable businesses with subjects similar to those offered through Craft Labs and Live Q&As.

Forging a FoundationForging a Foundation an 8-module online Business Plan Development/Re-Development Course to help new/emerging artists and existing business owners to create comprehensive business plans in order to start-up, expand, or enhance their businesses. This course will also support existing businesses by recognizing business planning doesn’t stop when the sales start. This course will provide a way to assess the whole business model, advance a new idea that will fit within the larger business, and gain peer feedback in a confidential setting.

The Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship program fosters job creation and retention, develops workplace skills, builds business ownership, and improves work/life balance in the craft community. Simple yet innovative, these four avenues offer a multi-faceted approach that contributes to the lasting health of our field.

Pricing for Craft Labs, Live Q&As, and Resources

You can pay a la carte for the Craft Labs, Live Q&A’s and Resources.  (Can’t make it to a live session? That’s okay! Each Craft Lab and Live Q&A will be recorded and sent to everyone who has registered.) Register for a la carte items here

  • Craft Labs $30 for non-members or $20 for SNAG members
  • Live Q&A’s $20 for non-members or $10 for SNAG members
  • Resources $10 for non-members or $5 for SNAG members (but will vary depending on the resource)

Or you can pay a monthly fee of $39/month for non-members or $19/month for SNAG members to be a part of our private Facebook (FB) group that includes: Craft Labs, Live Q&As, Resources, handouts, tool kits, quarterly meet-ups on the FB group to discuss various themes, and an engaging private FB page where you can interact with others working to succeed in the field.

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Pricing for Forging a Foundation

Forging a Foundation is an 8-module business development course.

  • Forging a Foundation is $400 for non-members, or $250 for SNAG members

*This event has already begun (dates September 18-November 6, 2018)

Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship provides artists with a wide range of business skills and encourages craft-based entrepreneurial activity. Our unique approach works holistically to create results that are not only successful, but sustainable. Our process builds foundations through training; addresses potential/real barriers to success; connects artists with vital resources and networks for support, and access to new markets; and uses mentorship and follow-through coaching to realize implementation.

This vigorous entrepreneurship training also helps artists to recognize and adapt to evolving economies and markets, pursue innovative business solutions, which will ultimately allow them to build critical skill sets to address economic realities, and grow stronger businesses for themselves. Thriving craft entrepreneurial activity powerfully impacts our communities, driving economic vitality and building sustainability and vibrancy.

SNAG’s Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship programming does not have a specific beginning or end date, instead it is an emergent process and we tailor our efforts to the unique needs and skill levels of our artists for more effective results. We work to stay at the forefront of the business climate, and we continuously develop new educational materials, resources, promotional efforts in response to opportunities, needs of our members, and research.


Upcoming Road 2 Success Events


October 22 – Craft Lab with Jeff Muir, 6:00-8:00 pm Eastern: Build a Website Optimized for Jewelry Sales using IndieMade

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SNAG R2S Craft Lab Oct 22 2018There are so many options for small business websites. Many SNAG members are challenged just choosing the best platform. Simple sites like Wix lack effective search engine optimization options and have so many “add-ons” that the costs can get out of hand. More feature-laden options such as WordPress are too complex to optimize for almost anybody without lots of extra time and at least some background in programming.

Jeff MuirIndieMade is a platform designed specifically for artists and has worked well for many SNAG members. In this class SNAG Communications & Marketing Manager Jeff Muir will walk you through every step needed to set up a brand-new, highly-optimized website specifically designed for search engine optimization, social media integration … and MAKING ONLINE SALES!

Learn how to create and input your online content, set up your online store, connect your website to your social media sites, and process sales seamlessly. Plus, we’ll give you a special SNAG code for setting up a new account with IndieMade, and Jeff will be available for follow-up questions when you start actually building your site.

November 8, 2018 – Live Q&A with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith, 6:00-7:00 pm Eastern: Build SMART Goals for the New Year. Then stay for a second hour with Brittany Golden, 7:00 -8:00 pm Eastern: Feng Shui Your Vision Board for 2019

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Spend the first hour of this special 2-hour Live Q&A with SNAG Executive Director Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith learning about how to create goals for you and your business in 2019 using the SMART process. Then stay for the second hour with Brittany Golden from B Golden Jewelry School and Feng Shui Your Vision Board for 2019.

Brittany GoldenHave you ever wanted to infuse your vision board with a little extra mojo? The ancient art of Feng Shui is a quantum physics approach to energy in spaces. Back when the old civilizations watched patterns, moon cycles, seasons, and how things really worked they used this information to their benefit. Brittany Golden studied under a Chinese Feng Shui Master for 3 years starting in 1997 and has been using her knowledge to keep the positive energy flowing in her life, her clients, and friends and family ever since. A few years ago she realized that her vision board was just another creative space and kazam! The magic really started to happen! Wants, needs, and desires are all energy and when you know how to maximize your intentions it’s fun to watch the opportunities arrive when you put things into action. Join us for this class as we go into the new year thinking about what we want to create for our future.

On a whim in 2002, Brittany Golden signed up for a jewelry class at the local college while studying the art of creating teeth.  It was here she became fascinated with the metal casting process. After pursuing her passion for working with metal further, she went on to study precious stone setting under Blaine Lewis and more non-traditional metal techniques with Robert Dancik. Her real life calling was born—jewelry making. Starting in 2004, Brittany served as the Resident Silversmith Instructor at Sundance Resort in Provo, Utah. During her nine years at Sundance she also operated her own private studio.  In 2013, Brittany moved her love of silversmithing and teaching to the heart of Sugar House in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, B Golden Jewelry School has offered a full range of classes that explore techniques and mediums in the world of metalsmithing—including an extensive 6-month Jewelry Business Certification Program. Over the years, she has become a celebrated artist locally and internationally. Her jewelry appears in the book 30 Minute Rings and at the Sundance Gallery.  She has also been the featured artist in several exhibits within Utah. She is a member of SNAG and President of the Women’s Jewelry Association Salt Lake Chapter.

Jeff and GwynneNovember 28, 2018 – Craft Lab with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith and Jeff Muir, 6:00-8:00 pm Eastern: Creating Effective Marketing Materials

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Spend this webinar with both Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith, SNAG Executive Director, and Jeff Muir, SNAG Communications & Marketing Manager, to learn about creating an impactful brand, how to do some basic photography on your own, and how to design effective marketing materials.

December 5, 2018 – Craft Lab with Kristin Mitsu Shiga, 6:00-8:00 pm Eastern: Year-End Best Business Practices: Simple Tasks To Do Now to Streamline Your 2018 Tax Prep

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Kristin Mitsu ShigaDo you find yourself in a panic every spring, realizing you don’t have all your ducks in a row for the previous year’s taxes? Did you establish your business in 2018 and are not sure what information you’ll need to file your first year’s tax return? Join metalsmith and bookkeeper Kristin Mitsu Shiga as she walks you through step-by step tasks to bring a tidy close to your business year. Templates will be provided to assist in your documentation and there will be ample time for individual questions to be addressed. And don’t forget – your tuition for this class is tax-deductible!

Note: This class is specifically geared toward U.S. business entities who are eligible to file a 1040 with Schedule C (and associated supplemental forms), and will focus on Federal tax preparedness, as individual state tax laws vary.

Instructor: Kristin Mitsu Shiga is SNAG’s Education Director and has been a practicing studio artist and educator since 1991. In addition to keeping the books for her own business for more than 25 years, she has helped many self-employed artists and nonprofits navigate the complexities of setting up their bookkeeping structures and preparing their taxes. Though Kristin is not a CPA, her first-hand experience as a bookkeeper to artists across the country and self-employed metalsmith affords her insight into the unique challenges we face in our industry.

December 13, 2018 – Live Q&A with Kristin Mitsu Shiga, 7:00-8:00 pm Eastern: Mindfulness for Makers – Holding Space for Creativity and Wellness

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Being self-employed can be stressful, especially during the busy holiday season. It’s hard to stay focused on your business plan and maintain a work/life balance when you are feeling overwhelmed. In this live session, Kristin will introduce several simple mindfulness tools that can be integrated into your daily practice to help you approach your business – and your life – more holistically. Through a series of interactive exercises including simple guided meditations, we’ll cultivate skills to help you let go of stress and craft your business mindfully for the year ahead. Please come prepared to participate!

Instructor: SNAG’s Education Director Kristin Mitsu Shiga grew up with a family background in Buddhism, but it wasn’t until her struggle with cancer that she established a regular meditation practice of her own. Since then she has studied a wide variety of teachings including Zen, Shambala, Vipassana, Tonglen, Metta and Transcendental Meditation (TM). Her passionate belief in the importance of mindfulness practice for optimal mind/body health led her to develop easily-accessible, non-denominational mindfulness curricula that she has taught since 2010. Her goal is to offer students a variety of tools from which they can craft their own, personalized practice to support their business and personal life in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

Questions? Contact Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith