Road 2 Success

March 2018: SNAG is re-launching the Road 2 Success Entrepreneurship Program!

R2Slogo250The initial Road 2 Success was an initiative developed in 2013 as a way to engage and interact with our constituents that centered on mentoring the membership on various aspects of running a business and making a living in the field. The initial program was an informal online forum with participants asking seasoned mentors questions specifically related to the various aspects of entrepreneurship. As a result of the first Road 2 Success, it became apparent there was a lack of knowledge, resources, and specific training for artists and makers who wanted to pursue a career in creating, marketing, and selling their work.

Our new program, Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship, consists of four distinct avenues of education:

Craft LabCraft Lab 2 hour Webinar professional development classes, help artists recognize and adapt to changing models and pursue innovative business solutions, allowing them to build skill sets to address economic realities and grow stronger businesses.

Live Q&ALive Q&A’s offering subject matter experts and peer to peer support to create opportunities for currently successful artists to connect with new/emerging/expanding artists to share with them their experiences and successes and to teach new skills.


ResourcesResources that are downloadable and available on our website to help you grow and build the business of your dreams. These include handouts and toolkits. These will focus on individual components for creating successful & sustainable businesses with subjects similar to those offered through Craft Labs and Live Q&A’s.


Forging a FoundationForging a Foundation an 8-week online Business Plan Development/Re-Development Course to help new/emerging artists and existing business owners to create comprehensive business plans in order to start-up, expand, or enhance their businesses. This course will also support existing businesses by recognizing business planning doesn’t stop when the sales start. This course will provide a way to assess the whole business model, advance a new idea that will fit within the larger business, and gain peer feedback in a confidential setting.

The Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship program will foster job creation and retention, develop workplace skills, build business ownership, and improve work/life balance in the craft community. Simple yet innovative, these four avenues offer a multi-faceted approach that will contribute to the lasting health of our field.

Pricing to Participate:

There are various ways to participate.

Craft Labs, Live Q&A’s, and Resources

You can pay a la carte for the Craft Labs, Live Q&A’s and Resources you’d like to participate or purchase. (Each Craft Lab and Live Q&A will be recorded and sent to all participants after.)

  • Craft Labs $30 for non-members or $20 for SNAG members
  • Live Q&A’s $20 for non-members or $10 for SNAG members
  • Resources $10 for non-members or $5 for SNAG members (but will vary depending on the resource)

You can also sign up to pay a monthly fee of $39/month for non-members or $19/month for SNAG members to be a part of our private Facebook (FB) group that includes the Craft Labs, the Live Q&A’s, free downloadable Resources, handouts, toolkits, quarterly meet ups on the FB group to discuss various themes, and an engaging private FB page where you can interact with others trying to succeed in the field.

Forging a Foundation

The Forging a Foundation is an 8-module business development course to help new/emerging artists and existing business owners to create comprehensive business plans in order to start-up, expand, or enhance their businesses. This course will also support existing businesses by recognizing business planning doesn’t stop when the sales start. This course will provide a way to assess the whole business model, advance a new idea that will fit within the larger business, and gain peer feedback in a confidential setting.

  • Forging a Foundation $400 for non-members, or $250 for SNAG members

Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship will directly provide artists with a wide range of business skills and encourage craft-based entrepreneurial activity. Our unique approach works holistically to create results that are not only successful, but sustainable. Our process builds foundations through training; addresses potential/real barriers to success; connects artists with vital resources and networks for support, and access to new markets; and uses mentorship and follow-through coaching to realize implementation.

This vigorous entrepreneurship training will also help artists to recognize and adapt to evolving economies and markets, pursue innovative business solutions, which will ultimately allow them to build critical skill sets to address economic realities, and grow stronger businesses for themselves. Thriving craft entrepreneurial activity powerfully impacts our communities, driving economic vitality and building sustainability and vibrancy.

SNAG’s Road 2 Success: Avenues of Entrepreneurship programming does not have a specific beginning or end date, instead it is an emergent process and we tailor our efforts to the unique needs and skill levels of our artists for more effective results. We work to stay at the forefront of the business climate, and we continuously develop new educational materials, resources, promotional efforts in response to opportunities, needs of our members, and research.

Dates and Descriptions

March 21, 2018 from 6:00- 7:00 p.m. Eastern: Live Q&A with SNAG Executive Director, Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith to answer any questions you may have around this new program. This Live Q&A is free but registration is required to participate.

March 29, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Eastern: Craft Lab Best Practices for Artists with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith. Come find out what goes into making a successful business, how to think outside the box about exhibitions, and some insider tips of how to get your work seen. Understand what are some best practices to incorporate into your practice and business operations. Learn from curator and SNAG director, Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith about how to approach galleries, create a portfolio, and what is the difference between an artist’s bio and statement.

April 18, 2018 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Eastern: Live Q&A Marketing and Promoting Your Work with SNAG’s Communications and Marketing Manager, Jeff Muir. Come learn some tips and tricks on how to be successful in promoting your business through marketing, social media marketing and other avenues of promotion. Learn the complexity around Google Adwords, Facebook logrithims, and how to sell through these platforms.

Hilary Halstead ScottApril 24, 2018 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern: Craft Lab Marketing Strategy Hack with Hilary Halstead Scott from Halstead. The term “Marketing Strategy” is thrown around a lot. What does it really mean? How do you get started? We’ll walk you through a step by step process to identify your best customer prospects and make marketing decisions that will help your studio business. Use an ideal customer profile to kick-off your strategic planning and watch your marketing plan fall into place.

Hilary Halstead Scott is the President and second generation owner of Halstead, a wholesale jewelry supplier. She is the founder of the Halstead Grant business development program for emerging jewelry artists. Hilary oversees a marketing team of five full-time professionals at Halstead. Together, they tackle a constant flow of promotional deadlines including photography, advertising, digital marketing, print production, content creation, sponsorships and PR. She has an MBA in Marketing and a Masters in International Business. She was raised among jewelry benches and artistic entrepreneurs running studios. Now, helping small creative companies to succeed is what she loves most about her job.

May 7, 2018 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Eastern: Live Q&A

May 15, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Eastern: Craft Lab Writing an Artist Statement with Jeff Muir and Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith. Have you always wanted to know what should be included in your artist statement?  How long should it be?  What should I write about? What questions should I answer in my statement?  If you have asked yourself any of these or other questions relating to the Artist Statement, then this class is for you!  Learn how to write an artist statement using a set of questions Gwynne has developed to help you on your way to writing an effective and powerful artist statement. You will begin to write your statement as a part of the class exercises and walk away with a clearer understanding of what your statement should be.

Marlene RicheyJune 19, 2018 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. Eastern: Live Q&A The Price Is Right? Well… with Marlene Richey. The subject I get asked most about is pricing, for one-of-a-kinds, to production collections, to repairs, to setting your client’s stones, to charging for design ideas, charging for your labor, the whole subject can be downright intimidating. There are some simple, easy solutions for anyone who is trying to make a living at their jewelry. I have dealt with most of them. Just Ask!

During Marlene Richey‘s 35+ years career in jewelry, she has run a wholesale business and a retail gallery, done hundreds of shows – craft and trade, indoors and out, juried and not juried, dreadful and successful. She traveled for nine years to every nook and cranny of America selling her line. Marlene has served on numerous board of directors including SNAG, WJA, CJDG, Metalwerx, Maine Craft Association, is an award-winning consultant to emerging artists (Contemporary Design Group’s 2009 Designer Advocate of the Year), been nominated for the WJA’s Award for Excellence, has taught seminars and classes, was a professor of marketing jewelry at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, is a free-lance writer for jewelry/craft publications, contributed for many years to the on-going column for Art Jewelry magazine called “Business Savvy”, has two regular blogs on the Rio Grande site called “Business Know-How” and “Influencers” (which talks about people who have had a powerful influence on the jewelry industry) and authored an award-winning book about running a small jewelry design/craft business – “Profiting by Design” through the MJSA Press which is now in its second printing. Richey also has an outstanding list of artists/jewelers who she consults with on a regular basis and provides business consultation services as well as writing and editing for newsletters, website information and press releases.

June 28, 2018 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern: Craft Lab Pricing and Budgeting for Your Business with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith. Dealing with your inner creativity, often doesn’t leave time for dealing with your business. Pricing your artwork is not a formula, even though many people want one.  It can be a complicated set of calculations, but anyone can easily learn the various aspects that need to be taken into account when pricing your work.  Learn about all of those aspects of pricing your work. Come find out how to set up a budget for your business, giving you an idea of what it will take for you to run a sustainable business.  Learn how to set up a budget in Excel and how to create a way to document your expenses and income as well as ho to make sales projections and set financial goals for your business.

July 16, 2018 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern: Live Q&A

July 26, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Eastern: Craft Lab How to Tell Your Story with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith. Telling stories is how we identify, learn, and share our history.  If your goal is to educate, persuade, or simply connect in a meaningful way with a particular audience, storytelling is the single most powerful communication tool available to you and can be your best selling tool.  Learn how to tell your story as a craft maker.  SNAG Executive Director, Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith will teach you the importance of learning how to tell your unique story and hone your skills at story telling.  Gwynne will talk about the three steps in a good story and group exercises will lead you through each step of YOUR story.

August 7-September 25, 2018 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Eastern: Forging a Foundation Business Planning Class. In this 8 week webinar/e-learning series you will work with SNAG Executive Director, Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith and special guests to develop your business plan for your business, or to expand who your existing plan to create a platform for your ultimate success. This class does not have you create a 30 page business plan like typical business planning courses, but takes into effect the unique business model for an artist trying to make a living by selling their work, whether high end one of a kind, commission pieces, or as a studio artists making limited production work. Each week one of the 9 basic segments that make up a sound business plan will be addressed.

Questions? Contact Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith