Submit a R2S Proposal


At SNAG, we know the biggest information resource we have is our members’ experience.  Do you have business experience or skills you can share?  We’d love to hear from you!

Please complete a R2S Teaching Proposal Form with your information and a synopsis of what you would like to teach.  We will be in touch if we think your offering is a good fit for the Road 2 Success Program.

You may submit as many proposals as you wish (submit one form for each proposal) for any of these program formats:

  • Live Q&A (1-hour live feed offering subject matter experts and peer-to-peer support)
  • Craft Lab (2 hour live webinar professional development classes)
  • Forging a Foundation (3-hour live webinar that meets once a week with “homework” and handouts)
  • Rent-a-Pro (1:1 consultation with professionals on various business topics)

Questions?  Contact SNAG