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Secret Shop Weapons 


Check out this new book from MJSA and technical editors Ann Cahoon and Chris Ploof. Subtitled “Jewelers Reveal Their Favorite Tools and Why They Love Them,” it’s full of gems.

This book pulls back the curtain and reveals the “weapons” of nearly three dozen jewelers, from renowned experts to up-and-comers who are just beginning to make their marks. (And don’t miss SNAG’s ad in the Shop Resources section.)





Ganoksin has acquired over 40 rare historical Metalsmithing books that they are making available to jewelers, goldsmiths and the metalsmithing community.  These ancient metal tricks and recipes will be made available to the contemporary community of artists and metalsmiths. This information will allow the reader to apply procedures used by jewelers of the past, and long dead masters of metalsmithing.  It is searchable and useable in ways not seen in a standard pdf. The images are separately scanned and then stitched into the text, allowing the reader to zoom in for high magnification views of the detail in the images.  Check out the selection at