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Metalsmith Tech

From 2018-2020 SNAG published a companion magazine to Metalsmith called Metalsmith Tech.

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H21: Handouts from the 21st Century

H21: Handouts from the 21st Century are collections of handouts and teaching aids dedicated to J. Fred Woell. The booklets are available only through SNAG.

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Mokume-Gane: Wood Grain Patterned Metal DVD

A film documenting the process of Mokume-Gane by Gene and Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski.

Mokume-Gane is a Japanese technique from the mid 17th century that fuses together different colored metals.

Filmed in 1981, this DVD features Gene and Hiroko and the entire process of creating Mokume-Gane including preparation and cleaning, heating and fusing, creating patterns, raising and forming, and Japanese patination.

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Linking Our Lineage

Linking Our Lineage: 12 Techniques from 12 Master Smiths Volumes 1-3 are instructional ebooks and books featuring tutorials by the 2015-2017 SNAG Links artists, edited by Victoria Lansford.


Linking Our Lineage

Technical Articles

SNAG’s Technical Articles from 2012 onward can be found posted in the “News” section under the Technical Articles category.

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Technical Article Archive

Technical Articles from 2008 onward have been archived online as PDFs for your convenience.

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Tech Text

From the very first issue of the organization’s newsletter in August 1975, SNAG has been committed to sharing technical information for the benefit of its members. This book is a compilation of SNAG Technical Articles from 1975-2010.

All articles have been reprinted exactly as they were originally published, so some information may be out of date. Editor James Thurman felt that having an accurate glimpse into our past is more valuable than being concerned that a particular supplier might be out of business or that a safety procedure is no longer entirely correct.

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