Linking Our Lineage: 12 Techniques from 12 Master Smiths, Vol. 1

One evening during the SNAG conference in Minneapolis, Linda Kaye-Moses described to me the SNAG Links project she conceived of and coordinated from 1996-2001. Concerned about the challenges SNAG has faced in the last couple of years, I’d been searching for a way to help, and as Linda talked about the SNAG Links of the past, I saw a way to bring back the event that would raise funds for SNAG through cutting edge media.

In keeping with Linda‚Äôs concept, I invited 12 artists to make links. The links were auctioned during the 2015 SNAG conference in Boston. Each artist also contributed to the SNAG Links 2015 ebook in keeping with SNAG’s commitment to preserve and disseminate knowledge within our community. The ebook focuses on the technical processes involved in each link through detailed instructions, process photos, and videos.

The videos (in chapter order) from the ebook are presented here as accompaniment to the print edition of the book.

– Victoria Lansford, Director of Technical Education, SNAG