SNAG Virtual


SNAG Virtual
provides makers with a wide range of business and technical skills.

Upcoming Events

More SNAG Virtual events will be announced soon.


SNAG Virtual is…

1 hour + Q&A online sessions/presentations where experts in the field share their work, offer insights into their studio and practice, or lecture on a specific topic. Attendees will be invited to submit questions ahead of the event and presenters will take questions live and engage in dialogue with the attendees.
Craft Labs
1.5 + Q&A hour online professional development presentations that help artists, designers, makers recognize and adapt to changing models and pursue innovative business solutions.  Attendees will learn skills for addressing economic realities and growing stronger businesses.
Online skill or process-based instruction. Workshops may meet for 2 or 2.5 hours once or twice as appropriate to the technical content. Students may be expected to follow along in their studios or work on projects between meetings. Attendees will receive information about materials or tools in advance and may be expected to purchase an additional kit. Attendees can expect to be able to interact with the instructor, ask questions and receive guidance. Instructors will also provide limited post-workshop support.
Please note:
-Student Virtual scholarships will be announced when available.
-SNAG reserves the right to cancel in advance any programs not meeting the minimum enrollment.
-Program recordings will be made available to registrants for 14 days post-event date.

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