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Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - GRAPHIC GRAPHITE—IT’S NOT JUST BLACK & WHITE with Anne HavelColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/30/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - BROOCH SETTINGS with Nikki CouppeeColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/29/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - POLYMER CLAY & SURFACE PLAY with Jane PellicciottoColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/28/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - STEEL FABRICATION FOR JEWELRY with Sharon MasseyColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/23/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - ALL ABOUT FLUSH SETTING with Katie PoteralaColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/22/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - FRENEMIES: JOINING PEWTER, SILVER, AND OTHER METALS with Logan WoodleColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/11/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - WOOD RINGS with Daniel DiCaprioColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/18/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - Fred Ball Experimental Techniques Part 2: Inlays and Overlays with Judy StoneColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/21/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 -WHIMSICAL WOODEN BROOCHES with Valerie BerlageColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/04/2021
Virtual Workshop - July 2021 - METAMORPHIC MOKUME with Anne WolfColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/16/2021
VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS - JULY 2021 - Image Transfer in Polymer Clay with Lorena LazardColumbia, NC  Eli Arenas - Workshop Coordinator05/27/202107/09/2021
Chasing on a Vessel Form - workshopMesa, AZDavid Huang05/25/202106/28/2021
Patinas on Copper - workshopMesa, AZDavid Huang05/25/202106/25/2021
Elizabeth Foster Scholarship for graduate studies in jewelry/metalsJersey City, NJKenneth MacBain05/19/202108/01/2021
Questionnaire for Article About FlowNot Provided  Leslie Shershow05/19/202107/30/2021