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Virtual Workshop: Enameling on folded and manipulated copper with Sally AplinNot ProvidedEli Arenas10/30/202101/27/2022
Virtual Workshop: Back-Setting For Found Objects and Cabochons with Jill Baker GowerNot ProvidedEli Arenas10/30/202101/28/2022
Virtual Workshop: Creative Combinations with Cloisonne´ and Precious Metal Foils with Ricky FrankNot ProvidedEli Arenas10/30/202101/28/2022
Virtual Workshop: Making a brooch with Bronzclay with Lorena AnguloNot ProvidedEli Arenas10/30/202101/29/2022
Virtual Workshop: Set Your Work Apart: Elevate Your Enamels with Anne HavelNot ProvidedEli Arenas10/30/202102/01/2022
Virtual Workshop: HOME MADE PATINAS with Lorena LazardNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/03/2022
Virtual Workshop: DECALS AND TRANSFERS – FROM YESTERDAY’S TO TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGIES with PAT NELSONNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/04/2022
Virtual Workshop: PIN-SET GEMSTONES: BASICS AND BEYOND with MICHELLE PAJAK-REYNOLDSNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/04/2022
Virtual workshop: MAKING THE (COLD) CONNECTION – A TWO WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE (PART 1) with JAN HARRELLNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/05/2022
Virtual Workshop: Reticulation with Matthieu ChemineeNot ProvidedEli Arenas10/30/202102/05/2022
Virtual Workshop: HINGES AND JOINTS: STANDARD AND INVISIBLE with TOM MUIRNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/10/2022
Virtual Workshop: ENAMELED PIECES & PARTS: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER with BARBARA MINORNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/12/2022
Virtual Workshop: BEGINNING CHASING AND REPOUSSÉ – MAKE A PIECE FROM BEGINNING TO END with NANCY M?GAN CORWINNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/18/2022
Virtual Workshop: SMALL SCALE STEEL WELDING with JESS TOLBERTNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202102/18/2022
Virtual Workshop: HOME MADE PATINAS (Patinas Caseras) with LORENA LAZARDNot Provided  Eli Arenas12/02/202103/03/2022