RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is an internet standard for distributing and aggregating content. With an RSS feed, any new information posted on SNAG’s website gets delivered directly to you. You won’t have to come check the website every day to see if there is new information. Pick and choose what you want to know about.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using a feed reader like My Yahoo! (help) or AOL (help). If you already have an account, one of those services might be the best solution for you.

If you would prefer to get updates from the SNAG website in your email inbox, there are several services that can convert RSS feeds into email for you. One example is Blogtrottr. Just copy one of the RSS feed addresses below and paste it into the corresponding box on that site.

Here is an additional resource list of RSS readers:

These services are third-party companies, and are not endorsed by SNAG. They are listed here for reference purposes only.

The URLs for SNAG’s RSS feeds are: