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Posted February 27th, 2018  /  Ends June 27th, 2018

Design Week at SUNY New Paltz

SAVE THE DATE! SUNY New Paltz Design Week 2018 // April 2 – 6 // Free and open to the public.

You are invited to welcome keynote speaker Vivian Beer to SUNY New Paltz's 3rd annual Design Week.

For Vivian, landscape is an inspiration and the setting for her work – the magnificent landscapes of the planet, the cultural landscapes shaped by the Industrial Revolution, the changing landscape for metalworking in the rise of digital design and the domestic landscapes that we create at home. Her furniture is inspired by diverse forces of nature and culture such as desert ecosystems and aeronautic. Her studio process is deeply embedded in cultures of making and industry.

"To me, design in its most INSPIRING sense is not a market, job, skill or even a process. It is the patterns that interconnect things. Whether formed by nature or nurtured by culture, it is these connections that most interest me in making work... And one of the reasons I find myself endlessly fascinated by the subtle and powerful relationship between ourselves, our environment, our culture and the things we make or use within it."

New Paltz Design Week
A series of design lectures, workshops and events organized by the Graphic Design Program, Digital Design and Fabrication and the School of Fine & Performing Arts.

April 2-6, 2018
For full details, visit the Design Week 2018 event site: