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Posted November 28th, 2018  /  Ends March 28th, 2019

Integrating Stone and Metal - Lapidary Workshop with Michael Boyd

Are you passionate about gemstones but frustrated that all the stones you see are cut in shapes that don’t fit your work? Are you tired of the same old oval cabs and round brilliants? Are you ready to retake control of your own designs?

Sign up for this inspirational workshop and learn how to design using stone as a medium–not only an accessory! Watch step-by-step demonstrations on how to cut and polish basic shapes and forms in stone. There will be an emphasis on combining metal work with lapidary. Explore alternative, innovative ways of joining stone with metal by piercing, drilling, riveting, layering, grooving, laminating, tabbing, trapping and more. You may complete several projects, leading you to the next level of accomplishment.

The lapidary equipment will be available for purchase at wholesale prices through Michael Boyd at the end of the workshop. Gemstone rough is also available for purchase.