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Posted January 7th, 2019  /  Ends May 7th, 2019

Steam Casting in the 21st Century

Date: May 11-12, 2019
Instructor: Christopher Darway

Have you ever explored the benefits of casting metal? Come learn how to use this low tech method of steam casting to make sophisticated lost wax castings without much equipment. Steam casting utilizes pressure created by both compressed air or steam (rather than the more equipment based vacuum and centrifugal methods) to push molten metal into the mold. You will create a flask which will serve as both mold, melting crucible and steam generator. This type of casting is best suited for small works because the sprue can not be larger than 16g or else molten metal can drip into the mold.Once the metal is melted in the “button/crucible ” area of the flask a jar cap with wetted paper attached to a wooden handle is pressed against the hot mold and melted metal. The heat of the mold and melted metal produces steam which forces the metal into the mold. That’s it! Participants will make both hot glue rings and more traditional lost wax rings.

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