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Posted January 7th, 2019  /  Ends May 7th, 2019

Introduction to Laser Welding

Dates August 9-13, 2019
Instructor: Whitney Boin

Laser welding can completely change the way you construct jewelry. Eliminating the need to heat the whole piece in order to solder components together will open a whole new approach to your workflow. This workshop will introduce you to the laser welder and discuss the ramifications of no heat fabrication and repair. We will start at the beginning, exploring the theory and basics of welding prep, and work our way to hands-on work. You don't need to have any previous exposure to the laser but a foundational understanding of welding and basic jewelry skills would be beneficial. If you have any projects that have you stumped and you think this tool could help be sure to bring them along. We can weld most metals from stainless steel to platinum. Some metals are easier to weld than others, stainless is better than silver and platinum is better than gold but we will take all comers. You can even solder dissimilar metals and fabricate an elementary granulation. Beginner to Intermediate

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