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Posted June 10th, 2019  /  Ends September 16th, 2019

Dimensional Enameling with Anne Havel

Learn how to torch fire soldered, curved pieces from one of the most respected enamelists in the US. How to create a vision for a project, design and form it, then bring it to life. Basic enameling and soldering skills recommended.

There are many pieces that can be enameled, after soldering, if a torch is used rather than a kiln. Equal weight will be given to planning, forming/creating the piece in metal, and then enameling. Soldering skills will allow for more flexibility in design, and is highly recommended, but not necessary.
What will be taught (including skills covered):

*ways of containing the heat so the enamels will flow and preserve the soldered seams
*Preparation of metal, including forming, folding, soldering
*use of liquid, powdered, and other enamels determining which is best suited for each application
*different approaches to firing based on the size and shape of the piece
*different ways of seeing/thinking/planning for more unusual setting/mounting options
*planning each step before enameling begins

SEPT 25-28, 2019