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Posted August 21st, 2019  /  Ends September 18th, 2019

The Denver Show with Michael Boyd

September 13-18, 2019

In this class Michael will take students around to the different shows that take place during the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. Friday and Saturday will be spent at the shows sourcing rough material. Michael will introduce students to the dealers he knows well and teach students what to look for when looking at rough material to be cut and how to negotiate prices. Because of the group we will also be able to take advantage of some collective buying, being able to get higher grade materials at lower prices with bulk buying for everyone.
The class will then move down to our studio for three days, Monday through Wednesday. Sunday will be an off day for students to go back to any of the shows they may wish to take a second look at and then to make their way down to Pueblo.
Once in Pueblo, Michael will show students how to work with the material purchase at the shows. He will go through how to cut cabs, drill holes, carve, polish and more!

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