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Posted September 9th, 2019  /  Ends November 16th, 2019

Chasing Chisel Workshop with Douglas Pryor

An artist must know how to make their own tools, eventually you will challenge yourself to a project where the tools you have are not enough.
In this chisel making class we will be pouring over tool making strategy for one purpose and one purpose only: to remove the barrier of tooling making so you can make the art you want to make.
Make as many chisels as you can in 2 days with the guidance and recommendations of professional chasing artist Douglas Pryor.

All tooling provided: Hand files, sharpening stones, optivisors, hand vices, and spring steel all provided. Spring steel stock from 1/8th-1/2 inch will be available to work with. Chisel lengths will be pre-cut to 4-5inch lengths so we can spend our valuable time making the tools not the bar stock. We will be using square and round stock for the chisels. Steel of W1 and O1 will be used for this chisel making jamboree. NOV 16-17, 2019 $450