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Posted January 16th, 2020  /  Ends May 15th, 2020

Creating a Heirloom Cloissonne "Jewel" (May 15-17)

Instructor: Anita Selinger

magine creating wearable art by working with beautiful vitreous (glass) enamel colors fired on fine silver. We will texture (using stamps or burs) and dome a fine silver disc to prepare our surface for the cloisonné enamel design. After proper preparation of the fine silver disc we’ll create designs using fine silver wires which are shaped with pliers, fingers and steel mandrills. Once the wires are fixed in place, we begin work filling the cells with color. Learning the properties of certain colors and how they need to be applied; the order of applying and firing colors, using leaded vs. unleaded enamel, duration of firings, and the three stages of firing enamel will be covered in depth which is crucial for successful enameling. We will cover color blending, the layering of colors, application of 24k gold foil and the beauty of using transparent enamels...

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