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Posted February 24th, 2020  /  Ends June 23rd, 2020

Steel and Gold: Creative Explorations in Mixed Media (June 23-27, 2020)

Instructor: Bette Barnett

In this fun and energetic workshop you’ll learn how to fuse gold to steel to create dramatic mixed metals jewelry. We will cover a broad range of techniques for creating high-impact steel and gold jewelry, including alloying and fusing gold and Keum Boo on steel. In addition to the basics of working with steel and gold, the workshop will propel students into creative exploration of a wider variety of metals/alloys for fusing to steel, such as argentium, copper, shibuichi and shakudo. Students will be challenged to reach beyond their creative boundaries using alternative forms of steel in their designs, such as iron wire, steel mesh and steel perforated sheet.

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