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Posted December 17th, 2019  /  Ends April 15th, 2020

Full-time Metalsmith

Smith Shop, a Detroit-based metalsmithing studio, is now accepting applications for a full-time metalworker to begin in 2020. Applicants should have a solid technical foundation in steel fabrication and/or blacksmithing—experience in jewelry making and/or silversmithing is also desirable. In addition to a demonstrated metalsmithing proficiency, the successful candidate will be able to manage forging and fabrication tasks independently, communicate effectively, and multi-task. Smith Shop seeks applicants who desire to contribute to a community oriented studio that executes commission and production work, offers classes and workshops, and facilitates a larger metalworking community in Detroit. Two years of industry experience, a relevant certificate, associate’s degree, or BFA is preferable.

More info, requirements, perks and how to apply at: