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Posted January 14th, 2020  /  Ends May 13th, 2020

High Relief Chasing: The Art of the Chisel

High Relief Chasing: The Art of the Chisel
Douglas Pryor
July 26-31, 2020
The options are limitless for creating objects with chisel work. Focus on the demands and strengths of high relief chasing which requires planning and sculpting ability.Practice on paper and clay in order to study the material demands of sheet metal.Dive deep into chisel design, chisel control, pitch management and composition. To make work you've never made before, you must push yourself as much as you push your medium. Push your limits in this comprehensive workshop.
Intermediate, must have drawing skills
$600; Additional materials fee payable to instructor - $225 for 1/4" 16 chisel set including: 4 planishing chisels, 4 embossing chisels, 2 angles planishing chisels,3 curved liner chisels, 2 straight liner chisels, and 1 stippling chisel