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Posted January 19th, 2020  /  Ends May 18th, 2020

Mokume Gane A Comprehensive Study

Mokume Artist Steve Midgett provides free access to "Mokume Gane A Comprehensive Study", the most in-depth resource for Mokume Gane information. All 160 pages of the hardcover book Mokume Gane A Comprehensive Study, acknowledged as the preeminent text on mokume gane has been published on the website .

In this comprehensive book, Midgett shares the art of Mokume Gane from it’s ancient beginnings in Japan to its resurgence in the digital age along with detailed how-to information for making mokume by multiple methods, and 5 step by step mokume jewelry projects.

Accompanying each chapter of the book will be an important section called New Layers that will highlight what we’ve learned since the hardback book was first published and new developments in the practice of mokume gane. It will include information and insights from current leaders and innovators in the field and be an ongoing discussion of all things mokume.

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