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Posted February 14th, 2020  /  Ends March 8th, 2020

Object Permanence Exhibition Call

Object permanence refers to the understanding that objects continue to exist independent of ourselves, even when they are not able to be perceived...that objects have lives of their own. Within that construct, an object may evolve and change, from whole to broken, lost to found, or even exist simultaneously as more than one thing. The material reality of the object might be different than what is expected or visually understood. For this exhibition, we are seeking work that explores this notion. Possible formats for work are jewelry, sculpture, or objects that transform in some way, work that has multiple functions, time-based or ephemeral work, work that elevates a banal object into something transcendent (by rendering it in another material or altering its dimensions, for example), and work that explores trompe l’oeil effects to alter the viewer’s understanding of the work. Visit for the full call & info on how to apply.