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Posted February 20th, 2020  /  Ends April 1st, 2020

In-School Suspension

The shrill chirp of sneakers darting across a gymnasium floor that echoes down the hallway. The smell of freshly waxed floors and old books. The harsh clang of a locker slamming shut, punctuating the silence of an afternoon lull. If you went to public school in North America, these sights, sounds, and smells, should be all too familiar. They dredge up feelings of nostalgia and angst for a stage in our lives that’s often messy and transformative. This environment transports us to a time when we’re discovering our identity and formulating a belief system.

In a nod to this loaded locale, JV Collective is seeking submissions of necklaces and pendants to be suspended in a pop-up exhibition located in the lockers of the Bok hallway that will be exhibited during the 2020 SNAG conference in Philadelphia. We invite work that explores the theme of coming of age, formative years, and discovering your identity. Whatever your ‘high school’ experience was (or wasn’t) we’re looking for broad interpretations of this concept and these ideas can be explored objectively or abstractly, be narrative and autobiographical or expository and analytical. But most importantly, we’re looking for work that connects with this unique location and exists in conversation with the environment.

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Instagram: @jv_collective

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Deadline for submissions: April 1st